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I Created a Podcast Content Strategy For a Media Company in One Month — Here’s How I Did It!

Project Update: Pre-Project.

Last month I set out to learn more about content strategy, and in particular, content strategy for podcasts. I chose one of my favorite podcast creators, The Mission.

The general goal: to repurpose some of Mission’ podcast episodes into a variety of different content pieces like:

  • Blog posts
  • Twitter posts
  • Instagram posts.

After wrapping that up last month, I then decided I wanted to polish off the details of the project in order to create a more well-package value proposition to send over to their team.

In other words, I decided I wanted to pitch myself to The Mission team!

This month the main focus is on creating more posts across Twitter, Instagram, and their blog. I will organize all of these posts into a content calendar in order to house everything in a clean and easy to experience format. This also turns what I’ve made for The Mission immediately useful if they choose to use my content. And finally, I will be planning and creating my pitch deck and video to introduce myself and my project to them.

I’m really excited to share this project journey with you! Enjoy below to read more details about my process for this week and what’s to come.

What Have I Accomplished Thus Far?

This week, a lot of preparations were needed to be tackled before I could really get myself to a place where I can both stay on track with my project and create quality content at the same time.

Here’s what I did this week:

  1. Created a Project Landing Page (Insert Landing Page Link)
  2. Created and Finalized Project Outline (Insert Project Outline Link)
  3. Created a Content Strategy utilizing Trello
  4. Recorded a Landing Page Video (Re-do)
  5. Researched how to create a content strategy and calendar, creating a project outline, utilizing and getting the most out of Trello, Mission’ social media presence and content up to this point.
  6. Wrote two Blogs.
  7. Created a weekly action items list for the upcoming month.
  8. Scheduled my upcoming week including both research and writing slots.

What Went Well?

This past week, I was able to accomplish a lot before I tackle the bulk of my project. Here are some highlights!


My brain works in a very systematic way. If I don’t dump everything that is swirling around in my brain, I will get bogged down. I was happy with how I was able to organize my thoughts and create a plan for the upcoming month overall.

The biggest win in the category was my ability to even break it down into weekly action item lists that I wrote out in my notebook.

Weekly Action Items — Lucas’ Braindump @ Notebook


Not only did this week allow me the time to tackle those action items needed to prepare for the bulk of my work, but I was also able to execute big time on beginning to lay out some of the main pieces of content I’ll be creating this month.

This brings with it a lot of confidence and more of a willingness just to figure things out!

What Will I Change Going Forward?

Here are three things that based on the past week I am looking to incorporate moving forward!

Schedule In Bulk

I began to realize right away that it is difficult to research and write simultaneously. It’s a different mindset. To mix them both in the same breath is a bad idea and recipe for taking way longer than expected.

I am going to begin to bulk schedule time to research and time to actually write. This will give me an opportunity in my research to really outline my thoughts and flow when it comes time to sit down and write.

Prep On The Front End For Content

Something I noticed really quickly in my writing process was the need to outline my thoughts before I begin to write or create. Going into ideation time and a creative frame of mind without a plan stunted both my ideas and also my productivity.

Outlining my thoughts in my notebook before I sit down to create enables me to be more productive and creative in my writing sessions!

Eliminate Distractions

A few of my biggest distractions have been:

  • My transition in the day from work to working on my project.
  • My phone/text message
  • Social Media

I plan on being better about silencing notifications on the front end, closing out my apps and tabs, and also scheduling a transition period in the day to transition well into creative time.

What To Expect Next?

This next week, expect the following:

  • “How to Repurpose Podcast Content Into a Blog” Post
  • 3–5 Blog Posts (500–1000 words)
  • Documentation of my research
  • Weekly Update

This will be the general flow for the next few weeks. If this is a project you’d like to recreate, the front end work is critical before you hit a more consistent ideation schedule.

Moving on to Week 1, Let’s go!



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