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I Created a Podcast Content Strategy For a Media Company in One Month — Here’s How I Did It!

Project Update: Week 4

Last month I set out to learn more about content strategy, and in particular, content strategy for podcasts. I chose one of my favorite podcast creators, The Mission.

The general goal: to repurpose some of Mission’ podcast episodes into a variety of different content pieces like:

  • Blog posts
  • Twitter posts
  • Instagram posts.

After wrapping that up last month, I then decided I wanted to polish off the details of the project in order to create a more well-packaged value proposition to send over to their team.

In other words, I decided I wanted to pitch myself to The Mission team!

This month the main focus is on creating more posts across Twitter, Instagram, and their blog. I will organize all of these posts into a content calendar in order to house everything in a clean and easy to experience format.

This also turns what I’ve made for The Mission immediately useful if they choose to use my content. And finally, I will be planning and creating my pitch deck and video to introduce myself and my project to them.

I’m really excited to share this project journey with you! Enjoy below to read more details about my process for this week and what’s to come.

The Results I Produced In Week 4…

In week 4, I accomplished the following…

  • Week 4 Update Blog
  • Finalize Landing Page (Medium)
  • Research: Best ways to utilize Notion
  • Create + Finalize Landing Page for Value Proposition (Notion)
  • Craft Email Pitch
  • Wrapped up editing of prior weeks blogs
  • Recorded two tech tool overview videos (Google Calendar & Trello)

How I Organized Week 4

As in weeks prior, my weekly organization has followed a general template that although was set from the outset, is fluid in so far as new tasks need to be added.

(Side note: if you are looking to start a project like this, my suggestion would be to spend a lot of your front end planning creating weekly gameplan. this will enable you to not skip a beat week to week.)

Week 4: Finalize Documentation + Create Email Pitch

Dates: May 19 — May 26

  • Blog: Creating an Email Pitch 101
  • Week 4 Update Blog
  • Finalize Landing Page (Medium)
  • Create + Finalize Landing Page for Value Proposition (Notion)
  • Craft Email Pitch

What I Learned This Week

This week has been a crazy series of unforeseen tasks and simultaneously needing to wrap up everything that I had started over the course of the last three weeks.

The biggest lesson from this last week is the need to prepare yourself for a strong finish just as much if not more than for a strong start.

What I mean by that is this: create a picture (a legit picture in your mind that is) of your finished product. What will it include? What will it be showcased on? How do you want to both package it and communicate that to your audience?

the reality hit me that I had a lot more I needed to accomplish than I initially expected. For instance, I came to realize I needed to:

  • Find a new platform to house my value proposition and create a new landing page for it.
  • Learn a completely new (and foreign) application in one day (Notion)
  • Learn how to craft an email pitch and of course actually craft it.

Amongst other things, the amount of unexpected necessary details have taught me a lot about:

  1. Be willing to go up and beyond to finish well
  2. Complaining doesn’t help anyone, especially yourself.

My Results?

Wrapping up my final week of the project brings with it a whole sort of content pieces that I am excited to share with you!

You can find my project’s landing page here.

Thank you for following my project throughout the month. Stay tuned for an update regarding my email pitch!



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