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How I Learned Copywriting By Rewriting an About Page.

I believe one of the best ways to learn something new is to apply it to a real-world example.

That’s why, when studying marketing copy, I chose to rewrite the About page for a company I’ve been following for some time. Here’s my analysis:

The Mission’s current landing page is very intriguing.

What did they do well?

  • The Headline is definitely something that will grab just about anyone’s attention. Not to mention the headline changing to show different forms of media offered is clever.
  • Custom Logos from companies that they have had partnerships with gives immediate cred.
  • Custom Graphic definitely encourages this sense of adventure and “mission” if you will upon seeing it.
  • Easy Access to TONS of Content you see almost instantly examples of content created, specifically when it comes to the podcast series.

What can be done better?

  • Headline Copy immediately following the graphic headline doesn’t give a ton of content as to the Mission of the Mission. Why “the mission” in the first place?
  • Lack of Testimonial: the custom logos from real brands is huge; incorporating testimonials and that being the first thing someone sees builds trust with a new prospective customer.
  • Lack of Vision/Goal of the Landing Page is probably the biggest critique. What are you trying to get the customer to do? Simply sign them up for a newsletter? Or are you interested in telling your story for the purpose of inspiring them to become a part of it?
  • Subscribe Link doesn’t actually redirect you to anything. A good idea could be to treat this as a true landing page, tell a bit more of your story and get people to subscribe. After subscribing, that can redirect them to your studios, content, etc.
  • Benefits of Custom Content could be a great way to show a prospective customer that this is exactly what their company needs to take things to the next level.

Rewritten Landing Page

Have you heard of the saying, “knowledge is power”?

Well it’s not true. Consistent application of knowledge is power; that’s true.

We find ourselves in the digital age. This means more information, more content, more knowledge than ever before. It’s not a matter of having enough anymore; it’s about having the right content and knowing what to do with it.

That’s where we at The Mission come in.

The Mission is a veteran-owned media company driven by our passion to create content that empowers creators to take action.

Our millions of listeners are people just like you: leaders, executives, entrepreneurs, and self-improvement enthusiasts obsessed with improving themselves.

Named by Apple “Best of 2018”, and having customers such varying from Salesforce, Twilio, Kattera and more; we have the credibility to back it up.

If you’re looking to level up your health, wealth and wellbeing, subscribe to our newsletter and give our Award-winning podcast, Mission Daily a listen!

What I Learned

This exercise has taught me a lot about crafting a message that is both compelling but not over the top. I’ve never considered myself a sales person. Yet, when you sit down and try to write marketing copy, you realize very quickly that you’re in sales.

I believe the key to great copy is:

  1. Grab your audience.
  2. Tell your story.
  3. Signal credibility.
  4. Give them more.



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