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Have A Passion for Impact? Here’s Why You Should.

Something that I’d consider a universal is the desire we as humans have for significance.

There is something both enchanting and worthy of exploration when it comes to those ventures that are bigger than ourselves.

Yet at the same time, the types of ventures vary drastically for everyone.

With that being said, what are you desiring in the realm of significance?

Where are you wanting to go?

What are you wanting to accomplish?

What kind of legacy are you looking to leave?

For myself, I’m desiring impact, and here’s why you should too.

Why Make an Impact Anyways?

From the time I was a little boy, I knew to leave a lasting impact on those around me was something I wanted my life to be marked by.

Growing up, I had parents who set that example.

A father who was faithful to my mother, who sacrificed day and night to provide for the family. A mother who was strong, fierce, and as loving as a mom can be. Those were the models that my siblings and I were blessed to emulate.

To take it even further, my parent’s love and servitude poured out into the lives of those in my community. Being raised on a Native American Indian Reservation, the reality of poverty, violence, and addiction called forth people like my parents to fill the gaps.

Being educators in my local school system, they became parents to my peers; role models to expecting parents; a source of encouragement and belief in oneself to keep moving forward in the midst of tragedy.

This example was something I took for granted as a kid, because well it’s all I knew. They were just “mom” and “dad” to me. But to others…

My parents were the people who’s impact left a lasting impression that would change the course of people’s lives.

I have my parents to thank for this desire for impact.

To impact others, we must first be impacted. Then what?

Learn To Cultivate Your Ambition.

In becoming a person of impact, someone who is mission-oriented, and looking to create a movement, what is needed to actualize this dream?

This is where this idea of ambition comes into play.

Is ambition a prerequisite to have the kind of impact that you’re looking to have?

Well first, what is ambition? A definition of ambition is:

“the object, state, or result desired or sought after.”

Based on that definition, I’d say yes (with a caveat). To be ambitious isn’t necessarily needing the typical corporate, head down, grind it out, no excuses, type of ambition that most of us think of.

Rather, it’s more about remembering: what is it that you want? What are you ambitious about?

To be ambitious is to be focused and do the work it takes to get that desired result.

A friend of mine was recently shared with me what his pastor had to say about being focused:

I wouldn’t say that I’m simply a focused guy, I’m just someone who remembers what he wants.

Knowing this, where can you start on this path of impact?

  • Identify what you desire.
  • Recognize how you yourself have been impacted.
  • Fuel your ambition with a commitment to being focused on the desired result.

Remember These 10 Things…

Pursuing a life of significance isn’t a destination; it’s a journey. You’ll never arrive and you shouldn’t want to.

The amount you can impact any area of life shouldn’t be limited by a timeline.

With that being said, here are 10 reminders along the journey:

  1. Whatever new thing you are embarking on, embrace the idea that you’re starting something new.
  2. Conviction comes only from doing the work.
  3. Credibility comes when you do the work that others won’t do.
  4. The ability to give others mission impact as a part of a movement is a gift to those people.
  5. To be truly effective and focused on whatever you consider being your mission, you must be effective and focused on all other aspects of life as well that you consider being important to you.
  6. Be confident enough to make decisions at the moment that may seem to cause a step back professionally to help you flourish in something that matters to you personally.
  7. Cool it on the mental gymnastics. This will only create stress, which if left unchecked will result in bitterness and possibly resentment.
  8. Humility beats arrogance every day.
  9. Remember to have fun with a purpose.
  10. Finally, don’t take yourself too seriously.



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