Crisis: A Short Essay

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A real crisis

We have a real crisis in our world today.

Take a look around.

It won’t take long to find corruption, fraud, ingenuity, and ultimately evil.

The unfortunate reality is that no matter how big or small, we are all affected by this lack of morality.

How is that?

Humans are moral creatures.

We intuitively know what is right and wrong, true and false, good and evil.

Anything contrary to this is alarming.

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At the heart of it all

What lies at the heart of such a crisis then?

Some may say corrupt politicians and corporations.

Others may say religious or anti-religious rhetoric.

While even others may claim issues on equality or race or capitalism.

The list goes on.

While I can agree there are necessary conversations to be had regarding each of those elements of our civic life…

There is still something more fundamental that must be addressed.

Our world truly suffers from a lack of leadership.

Since leadership is simply character…

we actually have a crisis in character.

Those we look to more and more lack the necessary qualities that forge our character.

We aren’t speaking only about political or religious leaders either.

This includes everyone.

Leadership is not reserved for the elite.

It isn’t the vocation of the few but rather the many.

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What’s next

You may be asking yourself, “what can be done?”

So am I most days. And I keep coming back to this realization.

A lot can be done. That’s the problem.

We are never going to run dry on endeavors to pursue in order to make the world the place we hope it becomes.

Since there are so many potential solutions, most of us waste our time focusing our energy on the wrong endeavors.

These endeavors aren’t wrong because they aren’t good — rather because the fruit of such actions aren’t what we need.

At least at the moment.

So what is the truly necessary endeavor that we as a human community must focus in on in today’s day?

The pursuit of and the acquisition of virtue.

That’s what you and I must begin to embrace.

To pursue.

To acquire.

To encourage.

Our lives must consist of setting out to ignite in the lives of all people — the pursuit of greater things.

First, we must do so by starting with ourselves.

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