Breaking the Mold.

What would it look like to break the mold in your life? Go against the grain? For me, it was simply having a dream.

Growing up in the Midwest as you could imagine presented me with a variety of unique opportunities. One of those being long car rides with nothing to look at and only my own thoughts to sort through. However some of the key breakthroughs from my youth came on those trips, from time to simply think, imagine, dream. Boring right? Wrong.

You want to know the craziest thing? The dreams that I dreamed as a boy are still some of the most vivid and tangible ones I have to date. Living mediocrely has never been a desire of mine. The thought of settling for second best wasn’t something I was too keen on. Success, adventure, experiences, laughter, love: a full life was always at the forefront.

Fast forward to high school and college. Probably the most miserable place for a person like myself. You ever felt like you’re in a place that you just don’t belong? A place you know you need to break out of? Followed the reoccurring thought, “What would it look like to break the mold? To go against the grain? To really pursue the dreams you have? To live the way you desire to live rather than how everyone else is living?”

The desires and aspirations I have now for things like business & entrepreneurship in a world that is changing rapidly and presenting new opportunities to leave a mark every second of every day, is what is the real driving force of such dreams. Or rather, the vehicles to attain them.

This is my hope for this platform: to inspire the dreamer in you. To encourage breaking the mold in your life. To not settle for second best. So what is it? What does breaking the mold look like for you?

Take out a pen and paper. What do you truly want to accomplish? Put it to paper. Now ask yourself, “What’s stopping you?”



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Lucas Wollschlager

Lucas Wollschlager

Writing about personal excellence, writing, non-traditional education and more