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Here Are 2 Systems You Should Utilize Everyday To Stay Ahead!

We live in a world that is getting more and more efficient and in need of better, more productive systems.

This isn’t simply on a macro level either. This has to start with each of us as individuals.

If we are to enter into the landscape of intentional and efficient living, we must adopt systems in our lives that either automate or eliminate the tendency to get lost in the to-do’s.

Here are 2 systems that I utilize every day, either in work or my personal life to get ahead and stay ahead!

Google Calendar

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My Google Calendar runs my life.

If it has made it’s way onto my calendar, that means that it’s going to get done. For me, I tend to see accomplishing tasks and objectives in a more systematized way.

I’ll get lost in the details if I don’t streamline all that needs to get done into one system that dictates both when I do something and for how long.

My time is very precious to me and the fact that I’m not getting anymore of it means that being intentional with how I schedule is key. Below is a picture of a typical week (keep in mind, this is only one of my personal calendar)

Quick side note when using a particular calendar, my suggestion is find the one you like the most (Google, Outlook, Apple Calendar, etc) and utilize it’s other platforms to create consistency across your systems.

With that, here are a few resources on how to get the most out of Google Calendar:

Apple Notes

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One of my primary goals in life and something I deeply value is constant learning.

Due to the fact that the majority of us are being bombarded with loads of information everyday, our tendency to come across something good and forget it is likely.

For myself, I’ve created a catch all system for my daily learning. That’s Apple Notes.

Any given day, if it’s reading or listening to a podcast or just coming across something that would be valuable to remember down the road, I put it in my notes.

Here is an example of somethingI’d like to keep track of, this is from a book I am reading, The Leader’s Greatest Return by John Maxwell:

Apple Notes — typical entry

Reminders, shopping lists, someone that I need to remember to call, To Do lists, etc; theses are all things that constantly do two things: take up mental space and are forgotten.

What’s the answer?

Create a catch all system that you know you will use as just that, a way to organize your thoughts and your life.

Whether you’re looking to be better about planning out your day or remembering those pieces of information that may be taking up your mental space, the answer lies in creating a system that you can always lean on to be at your best!

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said,

“A good system shortens the road to your goal.”

So what are you waiting for?



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